Designs that stand out, communicate and sell more

First impressions matter. A visually appealing website will create trust and a positive image for your brand, encouraging visitors to spend more time on the website.

Optimize your website to turn target audiences into paying customers

Research has shown that a visitor takes 50 milliseconds to decide whether they stay on your website. A poor website design will hurt your brand, and make you look less trustworthy, that’s why our design is strategic. Having a beautiful website with a user-friendly page is proven to attract visitors and increase your conversion rates.


Ecommerce is such a huge part of our everyday lives. In just 2020, growth increased by 32%. You want to make sure every feature on your site guides your user through the buying process and make it a pleasure. Loading speed, smooth directions, and visuals that make each step clear and simple, it will bring your customers back for more.

Website redesign service

The market is more competitive than ever, while your website might ok, you need more than just ok to convert visitors to paying customers. When is a good time to redesign your site?

– When the web design is old.
– The web design is not mobile friendly.
– The website functionality doesn’t meet business needs.
– Your product range doesn’t meet reality.
– The structure of your website doesn’t meet business growth.
– Your competitor’s website is better looking than yours.
– The content is outdated.
– Target group expectations / needs have changed.
– No social integrations.
– The website is not visible on searches

We would love the opportunity to work with you

We understand that you may have some additional questions. This is a quick Q&A that covers a lot of the basics. You have additional questions?

Web design is the process of designing a visual look and feel for your website. This process is focused on planning the user experience of the website, creating wireframe layouts, organize content and images in such way to tell your brand story.

When you design your website, you need to keep the following in mind.

Competition analysis: study your competition and improve upon their design

Messaging: messaging is the most important part of the web design process. your website should communicate the benefits better than the competition.

Website Structure: there are many types of websites out there, B2B, B2C, eCommerce, but they all share the same common goal – drive customer to action. The structure should make this easy for the user.

Website design: a great design will not only make your website look fantastic, but it will improve the user experience and helps guide the user to take the actions you desire of them to take.

Sales funnels: the funnel is the steps you’ve designed to guide the visitors through the buyer’s journey. This should turn your website into a sales machine.

Authority & trust: your website design should create a feeling of trust for your visitors, whether that is through reviews, credentials, memberships, or any other social proof available to build credibility.

Website speed: your site should be fast. Minified images, lazy-loaded videos, caching systems should be deployed to keep loading times at a minimum.

Each business has different needs, so due to variations in scope, pricing from one design to another can be quite different. Typical end-to-end design costs $1,500 – $30,000.

if you have a well defined scope, or you want a more detailed breakdown of the pricing, request a copy of our pricing sheet. We have no hidden fees.

Similar to the question regarding website pricing, the timeline for your site design will vary greatly based on the scope of your web design project.

A small project can take only a few short 2-3 weeks, while larger projects can take 3-5 months.

We design and build your website with search engine optimization in mind. Every business wants to show up among the top in search results. Depending on your niche and how SEO-savy your competitors are, you may or may not achieve first-page ranking with just the website design. If you need additional search engine optimization, we do offer it as a on-going service.

We build custom websites on WordPress, Shopify and Hubspot. Each site is built with responsive design in mind.