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Your logo needs to make a great first impression. A well-designed logo can contribute to your business success, while a substandard logo can imply you’re an amateur and push away potentional customers. This element includes company fonts, colors and document-design guidelines.

Color pallete

Color is a very important aspect of your branding. Research found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone. Choosing the right colors for your brand, can determine whether or not it will persuade customers to purchase from you.


A good tagline, also known as a slogan, can compliment your brand and make it more memorable and identifiable with your audience. The tagline is what connects your brand name and your story.


Customers perceive your brand through words, whether they see that on advertismenets, website, products. Having the proper typography can have a major impact on the perception of your customers.


The first step of good imagery is understanding your customer and build your visuals around that. Using the right images can invoke a “feel” for your company that aligns with your customer base. Using the wrong imagery can make or break your brand.


Brand positioning is much more than a tagline, or a logo, it’s a strategy used to set your business apart from the rest. With proper positioning, your brand will be perceived more favorable, valuable and credible by your customers.